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"Intangible Cultural Assets,

Reflections on Korea"

In collaboration with Crys Harse, Linda Chow and Kari Woo

following a tour of Galleries and Master's studios in Korea organized by the Alberta Craft Council

as part of the Canadian Crafts Federation's participation in the Cheongju International Crafts Bienalle 2009

On Exhibition at the Alberta Craft Council Discovery Gallery until October 28th, 2010,

& in 19 small Alberta communities  from 2011 to 2013 i courtesy of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Travelling Exhibition Program

Artist Statement:

I was struck by how much care and thought that went into not only designing the buildings both old and new, but also in their surroundings, and that even the landscaping was designed and manicured to bring the most beauty and serenity to the scene.

I also became very aware of the Korean’s exploration of their Korean-ness, of their culture and history as separate from culture that was brought by invaders.  There are a multitude of cultural sites, museums, restored buildings that reflect their desire to establish this base upon which to build their very technologically strong society.  This got me thinking about who I am, where I came from, what is my baseline and what kind of influences have made me the person that I am now.  The two “Landmark” pieces reflect this introspection.






'Textures: Bukchon district, Seoul'

Sterling Silver, Bronze, Copper, Approx. 7cm W, 2010











'Textures: The National Folk Museum of Korea, Seoul'

Sterling Silver, Bronze, Copper, approx 7cm W, 2010


'Textures: Jongno

ower Seoul'

Sterling Silver, Bronze, Approx. 7cm W, 2010


'Landmarks: the Fens'

Sterling Silver, Bronze, Wood Frames,

approx 110cm W X 16cm H, 2010

'Landmarks: The Prairies'

Sterling Silver, Bronze, wood frames,

approx 110cm W X 16cm H, 2010


Created at the same time for another exhibition




'Uiduhap Pavilion'

Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul, Korea

Sterling Silver, Bronze, Copper on 6"x6" Bronze

approx 3", 7cm Wise,  2010